Tomasz Smolarski was born in Poland. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań with a Master of Arts degree in Photography. Shortly thereafter he moved to Łódź, where he studied at the National Film School and received his second Master of Arts degree in Photography.

In my artistic work I build new space created from the combination of selected elements of modern architecture with graphic forms. It has its roots in my fascination with photography, architecture, graphics design and painting. Coexistence of photography with graphic elements in one composition extends visual impact. I think of composing works in a manner similar to the staged construction of space. I analyze and put together a wide range of elements, which in most situations are supposed to be complementary, but I also look for denials and disproportions. When photographing, I think about combining many concepts of contemporary architecture from different locations into one whole. This is how my works are created, where fragments of modern, differ from each other buildings, begin to form into one composition. Graphic elements are in my thinking a natural extension of the composition - while working on a new photo, I am interested in what may happen outside the frame.

Currently lives and works in Łódź and Kraków.